Luis Sergio, a Peruvian-Chilean, first flirted with journalism at a young age, when we worked as a student correspondent for the El Comercio newspaper.

With the passing of time, however, a series of events would drive him towards a change of activities, while still maintaining his interest in the hazards of life and social realities.

From 1997 to 2000, while studying journalism in the Jaime Bausate and Mesa School of Journalism (Lima, Peru), he branched out into an advanced photography course that would end up captivating his interest. A short time later he won a scholarship to attend the Argentine Photography School, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later, in 2008, he would participate in a photo editing workshop in the Catholic University of Chile, and he continues to live and work out of the Chilean capital of Santiago.

Starting in 2003, Luis Sergio started to participate permanently in group and individual photo expositions in Peru, England, Spain, Argentina and Chile. In the same year, and again in 2005, he was awarded first prize in the National Salon of Press Photography in Chile, in which he competed in the “Feature Reporting” category. In two occasions he has been selected for daily life and humanitarian reporting in the call for entries of the Iberoamerican New Journalism Foundation (FNPI) of Colombia. In 2010 he was a finalist in Photo España PHE11-Translatantica, España. In 2011 he obtained first place in the National Contest in Human Rights, awarded by the European Union and in 2012 was a finalist of the Third Salon of Photography ICPNA, both of which took place in Peru. In 2013 is nominated for national award of photography "Rodrigo Rojas Denegri" in Chile and is awarded with first citation for national photographic awards of human rights granted by European Union, Lima, Perú.

Luis Sergio works on a freelance basis on long term projects and is represented by art galleries.
He lives in Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru.

His work has been published in several international media.